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HAF Programme In Buckinghamshire Packed With Fun!

We are delighted to be able to offer the HAF programme across numerous locations in Buckinghamshire. The HAF programme provides free holiday club spaces for children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits. If you’re unsure if this could be you please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out. The HAF programme spaces are integrated within our standard holiday club spaces and there is no difference whatsoever in what’s included. Inclusivity is priority for us and we want every child to be able to experience the fun and care of our holiday clubs, irregardless of backgrounds or abilities. 

We have had confirmation that the following venues will be open for HAF- Bourton Meadow, Buckingham Primary School, Royal Latin School, Grendon, Overstone (Wing), 

HAF Programme

What's Included?

Since 2018, the holiday activities and food programme has provided support to children in receipt of free school meals through holiday periods. Here is what you can expect from our HAF programmes.

Childcare Provision

S4A Sports are childcare and sport provision specialist. We're an OFSTED accredited provider operating across venues throughout Buckinghamshire. We provide safe, friendly and - above all - fun holiday placements.


At each of our holiday clubs we put on a daily programme of events and activities for the children to enjoy. These are mixture of sporty, creative, active and engaging things to do!


An opptional hot meal will be provided for all children. You will still need to provide snack and re-fillable drinks bottle.

HAF Programme in Buckinghamshire

About Our HAF Programmes

We know that the school holidays can feel like a bit of juggle. That’s why we provide fun friendly, safe and engaging holiday clubs across Buckinghamshire.

The HAF Programme runs from 9:00am – 3:00pm. Throughout the day we encourage all children to get involved which is why we provide a huge range of fun activities everyday. 

Get In Touch!

Speak to a member of our team to find out more.

About S4A

We’re an Ofsted accredited, trusted and well established care provider offering a range services and childcare provision. We believe in providing engaging and inclusive care & development of the highest possible quality. 

Our Mission

Our goal is provide unparalleled childcare and sports provision. We believe in nurturing children, giving them the skills and confidence to truly flourish. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing happy children who feel comfortable, relaxed, engaged and passionate during their time with us.

Buckingham HAF Programme

Frequenty asked questions


To book your children onto our Haf Programme, please select on of our HAF Programme schools.

Your child’s school will email or send you a letter which will contain your child’s unique HAF number.

HAF sessions are 09:00-15:00

Yes your child will receive a hot lunch. We do ask that you provide your children with a drink and snacks.

Please enter your HAF code in the notes section along with your password.

We run our HAF Clubs every Easter, Summer and Christmas Half Terms. They will not be run in any other half terms.

The HAF programme is funded by the Department for Education to provide additional support to eligible families to access holiday activities.  Children who are eligible for Benefit related Free School Meals can book places below by choosing days they want to attend.  

Yes, please provide snack and a water bottle that can be refilled by a member of the team.
No! Your children can attend any one of our venues.
We accept children from ages 5-13/ Reception-End of year 8. If your child is 4 and in Nursery, please contact info@s4aclub.co.uk so we can advise which venue they can attend.
This programme is for children who receive benefit related free school meals. If you are unsure please contact your school.
Unfortunately not, the universal free school meals are not benefit related free school meals. If you are eligible, you will receive a code from the school.

General booking FAQs

All of our Ofsted registered settings can accept childcare vouchers. We can accept Tax Credits, childcare vouchers or CCG Payments.

When making a booking, click “childcare-vouchers” at the checkout payment option. Once the booking has been made visit the childcare voucher company or government account choosing any of our settings to make payment and reference your child’s name.

Please search ‘S4A Group Ltd’ or ‘S4A Sports Ltd.’ You may not see your child’s specific school on the list but you can make a payment to any of our settings.

We ask that payment is made within 24 hours.

Yes. To pay via universal credits, you will need to pay in full at the time of booking and then you will need to forward your invoice to Universal Credit to claim back the cost of your booking.

If you use Edenred our P number is: P21017251

Please email info@s4aclub.co.uk and they will move your session to a different week.

In the note section of the booking, you can write any information you think we may need regarding your child or booking.

To extend your booking, please contact info@s4aclub.co.uk  or call 01280 460 560

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer sibling discounts.

Please enter your HAF code in the notes section along with your password.

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