S4A School Provision

Childcare Provision, Extra Curricular Activities, Physical Education and Forest Schools.

We provide a range of school provisions to primary schools across Buckingham, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.

We believe that active education, creativity and play is vital in supporting a child’s development. This is why we provide vital provisions for schools to support and enrich their primary education.

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Provision for Schools

Curricular support and extra curricular enrichment to support child development. Our services are flexible, loved by parents, valued by teachers and enjoyed by children.

Wrap Around Care

We provide a wrap around care service for children aged from Reception to Year 6. We strive to create a childcare environment that allows children to pursue their interests through a wide variety of exciting activities. Our unique wrap around care model ensures fun is had at each session. Find out more about our Wrap Around Provision.

PE Lessons | PPA Cover

We provide a cost effective alternative to a full time P.E member with all the benefits, ensuring your pupils receive specialist sports coaching and by a consistent member of our team to bring stability, trust and therefore the knowledge to really get the most out of each child and their P.E progress. Discover more about about PE Provision.

Forest Schools

We provide a Level 3 Forest School trained instructor ensuring your children have a specialised approach to outdoor learning that aims to develop confidence and self esteem through hands-on learning in woodland environments. Find out more about our Forest School Provision.

About Our Services

We’ve been inspiring children through sports, creativity and play since 2007. We’re the fastest growing provider across Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire and we pride ourselves on providing the very best wraparound care and PE provision possible. 

We’re so much more than childcare provision. As an OFSTED accredited provider, our services are extensive and hugely beneficial. Not only do we support schools and staff, but most importantly, we support children throughout their education journeys. – as well as Sports provision we are also able to lead Forest School, and of course you also have the opportunity to use our renowned wraparound care services too. 

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What Our Head Teachers Say

Next Steps

Please see below the ‘next steps’ process. If you’d like to discuss further how S4A might be the perfect fit for your school, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will arrange the initial meeting to see how we may be able to move forwards together.

Step 1:
Initial Meeting

An informative meeting to discuss your needs and show you the benefits of working with S4A.

Step 2:
Devising a plan

We will then create a clear plan with a clear vision, that will be tailored for your school.

Step 3:
Starting the process

We will create a contract with the hours and package your school requires and agree a start date.

Step 4:

We will begin teaching the provision at your school and bring stability, trust and knowledge to really get the most out of each child.

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