Our Team

Here at S4A our team are at thea heart of what we do. Without them, their care, passion, skills, creativity, beliefs and values we simply wouldn’t be able to offer the service we provide across all of our settings. The S4A team is a pretty amazing bunch if we do say so ourselves – and we are always looking to expand and welcome those with aligned values into the fold and teach, guide and mentor you to not only develop a fulfilling career, but one that does a lot of good too!

Get in touch here if you’d be interested in finding out further information about how you can become a part of the S4A team.

Matt Ogle

Company Director

Joe Merry

Head of Marketing

Kevin Owusu

Lead Coach/Settings Manager

Rhyan Evans

Lead Coach/Settings Manager

Alex Rogers

Forest School Lead

Tom Marshall

Area Manager

Adam Kirkup (Mr K)

Operations Manager

Carole Gibbs

Play Leader


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