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Lead Sports Coach

At S4A we have a clear pathway for success for every individual who works for us. We have a unique career pathway which starts as an apprentice all the way up to a company director.

The role of an S4A Lead Coach consists of providing sports provisions in primary school settings to deliver outstanding sport and structured activities. The successful candidate will abide by the high standards set in providing the safeguarding and welfare in our learning environments.

As well as leading sessions, the successful candidate will be a driven, self motivated individual who can work well as an individual as well as part of a team.

Success Stories

Our now Head of Marketing and Communications, joined S4A as a Full Time Lead Coach in 2019. Joe started teaching at East Claydon whilst learning the S4A Philosophy from our other Lead Coaches. 

In January 2020 Joe undertook a Settings Manager Role at Marsh Gibbon school whilst teaching all of the PE. In July 2020 Joe was offered a Marketing Assistant role alongside his Settings Management and Lead Sports Coach role. 2 years later, he is now our Head of Marketing and Communications.

Lead Sports Coach

Job Vacancies

Part Time- Lead Sports Coach
S4A Group Ltd is a leading provider of PE education and Wraparound care. A coaching role with S4A is so much more than a lunchtime club and P.E. With roles to meet your long-term ambitions. Check out our recruitment plan or get in touch with our team to get a real feel for where S4A […]

Next Steps

Step 1

Apply for job

You will have to apply for one of our job roles that you feel would best suit you.

Step 2

Initial Interview

If your application is succesful, we will invite you for a formal interview at our office.

Step 3

Practical Interview

If you are succesful in the initial interview, we will invite you for a practical interview. Your practical interview will be tailored for the job role you have applied for

Step 4

Road to success

If we feel you are the perfect fit for S4A after both of your interviews, you will be offered the job to work at S4A.


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